Buying a home is an emotional experience. Before a home is removed from the list of available properties on the Multiple Listing Service, the seller will need to accept the terms of your purchase offer. Team Barber of Family First Funding provides helpful lending services for home buyers in Ocean County, NJ and Monmouth County, NJ.

Respond QuicklyResponsiveness in time sensitive real estate markets could make or break a deal. Adhering to a sense of urgency to return phone calls and documentation to the respective parties is important. Delayed response times have ended many real estate deals that ultimately led to a seller taking the next best offer. Proactive communication efforts may be instrumental toward getting your real estate purchase offer accepted.

Consult With Buyer’s AgentA professional buyer’s agent has training and experience to negotiate a real estate offer for a prospective buyer. A buyer’s agent who has a pulse on the local market is generally more adept at preparing a favorable real estate purchase offer than a first time home buyer or a previous home buyer with limited experiences with real estate contract negotiations. Working with a buyer’s agent could substantially improve your opportunity to get a real estate offer accepted.

Seek Financing From a Local Mortgage LenderIf you are buying a home in New Jersey, Team Barber is ready to provide professional lending services. A mortgage lender can issue a pre-qualification letter to a home buyer who meets certain underwriting guidelines. A home seller might accept a purchase offer from a buyer who has been qualified for financing that meets or exceeds the amount of the listing price.

Additionally, a local real estate agent who represents the seller may be familiar with the financial strength and the reputation of Family First Funding. Your loan qualification letter from Family First Funding might be useful toward gaining an accepted purchase agreement.

Agree to Close the Deal SoonerRequesting a speedy settlement could signal to a seller that you are motivated to buy a home. Where a seller might be planning to sell a home between 60 days and 180 days, your offer to close within 30 days could be enough to seal the deal. According to the Realtor website, you might also gain some additional leverage if you are the first prospective buyer to present an offer on a home that is listed for sale.

Make a Cash OfferIf you are in a position to buy a home without a loan from a local mortgage lender, a home seller may perceive a cash offer more favorably than offers from buyers who need to complete the traditional financing process. Contact Team Barber about financing to buy a home in Ocean County, NJ.