Now is a great time to buy a home in New Jersey. Money is available for borrowers who qualify for low interest rate mortgage loans. Team Barber mortgage advisers from Family First Funding are ready to assist home buyers in Monmouth County and Ocean County areas of New Jersey.

Robust Economic ConditionsInterest rates increase when certain economic factors are performing well. A strong job market and robust levels of consumer spending could lead to higher interest rates. The Federal Reserve controls interest rate adjustments in the United States to help tame inflationary pressures. However, robust economic conditions are typically an excellent time to speak with a mortgage adviser about buying a home.

Interest Rate Increases in 2017On March 15, 2017, the Federal Reserve applied a quarter-point increase to the federal funds rate. Indications suggest that future rate increases are planned, if the expected level of economic activity is realized. While mortgage interest rates are still below the historical averages, it might be a wise idea to buy a home before mortgage rates increase again.

Free Pre-Approval for Home Buyers in New Jersey  Instead of paying $495 for a mortgage pre-approval application, home buyers in New Jersey can contact Team Barber to speak with a professional mortgage adviser. For a limited time, the mortgage pre-approval application fee will be waived. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan is a prudent way to prepare to buy a home before mortgage rates increase again.

A mortgage pre-approval can save home buyers a lot of time. Instead of wondering what items are needed to qualify for financing, a prospective buyer can obtain a written pre-approval that will list the items that are necessary to receive a mortgage loan. Additionally, a pre-approval from a licensed mortgage lender will reflect a favorable lending limit that a borrower can afford to finance for a home in New Jersey.

Buying a Home With Less Than Perfect CreditFirst time home buyers are occasionally under the impression that several late payments that occurred more than two years ago might lead to an automatic mortgage denial. Many home buyers have exhibited some sort of creditor delinquency or late payment experiences. The best way to determine whether it is possible to obtain a mortgage loan with bad credit or with less than perfect credit is to speak with a Team Barber mortgage professional.

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